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Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries.

The term Third World was coined by the French demographer

War II, with more or less common political and economic interests: North America.

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In the cloistered world of health care, there exists a curious term that pops up quietly among those who treat patients for a living.Next in Technology Quarterly X Monitor Stay on target Computing: Software that disables bits of your computer to make you more productive sounds daft, but.White feminism is a narrative we would very much not like to be a part of.It matters for trade, to non-governmental organisations and in the United Nations.

Remarkably, the yield on ten-year government bonds is the same in Thailand as it is in America.

‘Third World’, a derogatory or sophisticated term

Cold-war terminology implied that third-world countries had limited room for independent manoeuvre.

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Compare countries by core indicators of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP), GDP Distribution by the Sectors Agriculture, Industry and Services, Adjusted Net Savings, Export of Goods and Services, and Financial Flows.Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).A step away from the bomb Sanctions against Iran are far from perfect.

Third World definition - Wikipedia Third World was a term originally used to distinguish nations that neither aligned with the West nor with the East during the Cold.

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Louise Bourgeois Louise Bourgeois, sculptor, died on May 31st, aged 98.Perhaps somewhere out there lies a justifiable reason to classify nations for certain attributes.

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Yes. Unfortunately, many people are ignorant of the basis of how countries came to being 3rd World Countries.Political Science and Public Policy Studies double major from Virginia, interning at the Hate Crimes Working Group.Poor countries are treated differently under the UN framework convention on climate change, for instance, with fewer commitments to cut emissions.

Spivvy The rescue fund has at last been set up but bond markets are still nervy.Of atrophying flesh and phones A famous American telephone firm searches for a new lease on life.Third World Countries classified by various indices: their Political Rights and Civil Liberties, the Gross National Income (GNI) and Poverty of countries, the Human Development of countries (HDI), and the Freedom of Information within a country.One practice I hope to advocate more strongly for is the naming of specific countries, or group nations in question, by addressing their shared (relevant) attribute.

But their recovery reveals that they are more resilient than they used to be, partly because their economic policies are better and partly because they trade more with each other and protect one another from the worst of rich-nation recession.Those of the PIGS—Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain—have all been downgraded.Richer countries have not fully recovered: their income is still below what it was before the crisis.

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Synonyms for third world at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions.Have your fishcake and eat it: A spat about seafood shows the compromises.Since the second one imploded in 1989, it seems past time to put to rest the nebulous and sometimes toxic third-world concept.Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey and Peru have all had their credit ratings upgraded this year.

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