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In all she is believed to have conducted approximately 300 persons to freedom in the North (New York History Net, 2006-2014).

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Tubman made use of the network known as the Underground Railroad to travel nearly 90 miles to Philadelphia (Bio, 2014).Jacobs describes how slave owners declared slaves who tried and spread the idea that they were worth something in society, dangerous and immediately took violent action against them to suppress those thoughts.Second, newspapers advertising the escape would not be published until the beginning of the week, so by the time copies reached readers, Tubman and the fugitive slaves were likely to be close to their destination in the North. (Levine 16).

Army officials and female nurses were highly intimidated by her and were fearful of her.Harriet Tubman, who ended up being nicknamed Moses, risked her life many times to make a difference in what she believe was the right thing to do.Great leaders like Harriet Tubman and Emily Murphy, who have had the courage to take action in the world and have had great confidence to achieve their goals.

On his return trip back to the capitol, the king became enraged about his involvement in the uprising, so Mandela ran away to Johannesburg and hid there successfully.The two little boys take a few steps just like their sister had done, looking both ways, but they are very scared.

If she had stayed, her children would have been sold to another slave master and she probably would have never seen them again.Among African Americans she came to be known as Moses, after the Biblical hero who led the Hebrews out of enslavement in Egypt. (Levine 17).Harriet became eleven she wore a yellow bandana to represent she was no longer a child but.Despite all the of her hardships, Harriet Tubman became known as one of the most heroic African Americans to rescue and support slaves from the South.After she escaped from slavery in 1849, she dedicated her life to fighting for freedom and equality.

Jacobs was psychologically affected by this, because she was not treated as a full human, and objectified by her masters.The first contribution of Harriet Tubman is that she served as a spy for the union army, because she wanted freedom for all the people who were forced into slavery not just the people she could help by herself.Araminta Tubman had changed her name to Harriet after her mother, and Ross of course was after her father.She raised funds to assist former slaves with food, shelter, and education.Harriet Tubman - On the Road to Freedom. 5 Pages 1344 Words November 2014.One of the most amazing works she has ever done in her life was the Underground Railroad.This was a common problem of the time for many of the American slaves born in this era.The book was based on her experiences, the underground railroad, and also the antislavery movement(The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center).

In her ten-year span, she made 19 trips into the South and helped over 300 slaves escape to freedom.These attacks occurred without warning wherever she might be.Each situation she was faced with tested either her mental or physical strength, usually both.Many women gave so much assistance and guidance, that they made lasting impacts on the War in favor of who they were fighting for.Through the courses of her life she served as a spy, scout a cook, and a nurse.

Since her master needed money, he would rent her out to work for different masters doing housekeeping and childcare but Harriet was not good at this type of work and so she was often beaten and sent back to her original master.

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She will forever be a lasting symbol of American anti-slavery movement for her work with the Underground Railroad, Civil war service and her advocacy of woman suffrage.When it was made into a book, stores sold about 10,000 copies in just the first week and more than 300,000 copies in the first year.For four years and hard effort she did not receive any money.

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Today we are here to commemorate March 10th as Harriet Tubman Day and to recognize her contributions to the abolishment of slavery.Harriet Tubman was a likely target of the law, so in 1851 she moved to St.

The oversee tried to through a weight at the slave, but the weight missed the slave a hit Minta in the head.Born in 1811 in Litchfeild, Connecticut, Stowe moved with her family at the age of twenty-one to Cincinnati.What they do to help another cannot be by mistake or without reason, the savior has to want to do good for the people or things around them.She was just like the eleven slaves that were brought into the world.

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