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They are therefore excluded from the active participation, and decision making in.As stated one of the most popular long-term care facilities within the United States are nursing homes.Elder abuse is a significant problem in the United States and often goes unreported and unrecognized.

Elder Mistreatment: Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation in an Aging America (2003) Chapter: Appendix C: Elder Abuse and Neglect: History and Concepts.

Population ageing is currently one of the most significant demographic trends and becoming a worldwide problem(cite) specially among the elderly who are often the most recognized and forgotten group in this analysis.

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The most common form of elder abuse, financial abuse, is defined.Opportunities for abuse detection and intervention occur daily in health care settings.

Therefore, it is imperative that policymakers amend laws so that it omits the requirement of the perpetrator being known to the older victim of abuse.While, a definition of elder abuse currently exists, it is important to also know the different forms of abuse that are defined within the context.Health care providers can expect to see a steady increase in the number of cases of elder maltreatment as the older adult population rapidly increases.As the U.S. population ages, demands placed on health care systems to care for older adults are increasing.Nurses should be aware of the causes, screening questions, symptoms of abuse, and resources in the community.Also, non-handicapped infants who have uneven sleep and eating patterns are more likely to be abused (ECH).After general screening questions, more specific questions about kinds of abuse may follow.Common signs and symptoms of maltreatment should be evaluated (Table 2).

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.The typical victim of elder abuse is a widowed, white female in her mid-70s or older, and living on a limited income said the (NCEA).Most elderly that is abused or neglect are usually to scared to speak out or are not believed by others.

The transgenerational, or social learning, theory asserts that violence is a learned behavior.Summary Introduction Elder abuse is a problem in the United States as well as in the rest of the world.Elder abuse essay - Let the specialists do your essays for you.

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A decade later, studies confirmed that the problem was common in the United States as well.But for some older adults, especially those dependent on other people for their care and well-being, their years of contentment may turn to years of abuse.For example, a caregiver with a mental health problem who cares for a frail older adult with cognitive impairment is a dangerous combination and may lead to resistant behavior and maltreatment.Protocols should consist of a narrative, checklist, or standardized forms that enable rapid screening for elder abuse and provide guidelines for sound documentation that may help disclose patterns of abuse over time and will withstand scrutiny in court.

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Awareness of such factors may help nurses understand and anticipate situations where maltreatment may be preventable.Adult Protective Services programs now exist in every state to serve vulnerable adults, particularly older adults, who may be at risk for abuse and neglect.

Several theories attempt to explain the existence and increasing occurrence of elder abuse.Get help with your Vancouver referencing with our free online tool.For example, elder abuse is divided into five forms of abuse: psychological, physical, sexual, neglect and financial abuse(cite).Furthermore, one also has to understand how each type of abuse effects the elderly and the main root cause of it.