What makes a good leader essay

They have high energy levels, strong convictions, the ability to display empathy, and are risk takers (Bass, 1990).All of the leadership qualities that Ghandi exhibited leaded to a movement of change.Leadership is having clear communication so that others will work their hardest to achieve whatever is given to them.An impartial leader will make a great. and I highly appreciate your assistance in writing my essay.Interestingly, people with high motivation remain optimistic even when the score is against them.Psychological and developmental research indicates that nurture plays a role as well.Moreover, all the boys give up hope for being rescued and let the fire burn out, but Ralph stays optimistic and is confident that they will be rescued.

To read the free executive summary of this article, simply close this message.Initially I thought leaders were to please their followers at all times.Effective leadership involves integration of technical skills with improved personal relationship in order to maintain a competent and satisfying staff that is capable of achieving the organizations goals and objectives.Unfortunately, far too many training programs that intend to build leadership skills—including emotional intelligence—are a waste of time and money.In my case study school the administrator I interviewed believes his role it to first and fore most be a facilitator to his stakeholders.

It is appreciated that that the leadership of a group, e.g team captain, is a crucial element affecting overall group performance.This was my first leadership position that I have ever undertook in a JROTC program.Empathy is the skill to experience and share to the feelings, sentiments, or knowledge of others.They are forever raising the performance bar, and they like to keep score.One thing that led to his down fall was learning the ways of the world and obtaining wisdom and firmness too late.However, some basic leadership qualities seem almost universal, no matter the leader or type of followers they head: Good communication skills, the ability to constructively deal with a variety of personalities, and the mental toughness to shoulder responsibility and weather criticism.There must be plans of action that must be made to make opportunities.

Although she was the most junior person in the room, she did not sit there quietly, listening in awestruck or fearful silence.Leaders must have a clear vision, share their vision with others and provide the method to realize the vision to inspire and energize his followers.

In source A it is evident that Haig always ensured that his army was well equipped by asking the War Cabinet for more ammunition.

Respected leaders concentrate on what they are, what they know, and what they do.A good leader can do all of this while maintaining the approval of the people that he or she is leading.Likewise, a drive to surpass goals and an interest in keeping score can be contagious.If people really knew then why do organizations let go of their leader, i.e. what Apple did to Steve Jobs in 1985.

Student Essay: What Makes a Good Leader (Proviso, Ill.) Date: October 6, 2012.After years of military excellence, he continued his career on a political level, retiring after 35 years of servant leadership.Empathy is more than just sympathy, which is being able to comprehend and support others with concern or sensitivity.What Makes a Good Leader Essay.What Makes a Leader In the three surveys that I took about what makes a good leader, all three of the.A combination of the above characteristics ensures that a leader is successful.

In conclusion, the significant characteristics that are imperative for leaders to have includes demonstrating integrity, flexibility, the ability to empower people, deploy a charismatic and transactional style when leading and ultimately the ability to motivate those under them.During this semester we tried this model and as a experienced person I can say this technique motivate people to spend their effort to do a job better and do not allow people feel isolated.It is fortunate, then, that emotional intelligence can be learned.