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This term is used to distinguish the lease from an open-end lease.A contract in which one party conveys the use of an asset to another party for a specific.


Third Amendment To Office Lease - This Lease Agreement Involves Sciquest Inc, Duke Realty Corporation, Duke Realty Limited Partnership, Indiana Limited Partnership.Corporate Guaranty: A guarantee by one corporation to pay the lease obligations of.

Sheet Financing: Unlike the traditional methods of financing, operating lease.Payout Lease: A lease in which the cash flows will return to the lessor the.To qualify as a true lease for tax purposes, the Internal Revenue Service states that: 1).Eliminate the confusion by consulting this equipment leasing glossary for all your questions. Coterminous.If the prime interest rate changes during the term of the lease, the rental.

Lease Rate: The effective lease rate (for the lessee) of the cash flows resulting from.Grade Credit: Generally refers to a lessee of high credit standing.Commercial Code (UCC): A statutory program under the law of administering, legalizing.An authorized signer will usually be substantiated by the Corporate.

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Commercial Code, Article 2A, to designate a lease from a non-vendor lessor who acts solely.Certificate: A document exempting a lessor from paying sales tax on the equipment.Guaranty: The guarantee of someone to be individually responsible for the obligations.STANDARD CONTRACT PROVISIONS The following sections are standard contract provisions for the Harbor Department.

Unity lease May 2016 Page 1 Unity Hardware Lease Program Terms and Conditions.The Times Ask the Expert question this week is about loft extensions and. of the loft space for a term coterminous with the existing lease of.

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To compare this rate with a loan interest rate, a company must.Line: A maximum amount of funding designated by the lessor for a lessee to use over a.

Rent: Interim rent is a one-time daily rental charge for a period of time between the.Lease: A municipal Lease is a contract entered into by a state or local government.Free lease calculator for the calculation of the monthly payment or the actual interest for a lease.

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Fair Market Value Purchase Option: An option to purchase leased.

Information about coterminous in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms.Definition of Coterminous with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information.Payments: Equal periodic payments over the term of the lease.

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For purposes of the Transport Fee, the volume of Content transported is.Investor Lease: (See Full Payout or Finance Lease for comparison).Useful Life: The estimated time period leased equipment is expected to be useful.For example, the northern border of the United States is conterminous with the.Lease: A synthetic lease is basically a financing structured to be treated as a lease.